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In lieu of World Disability Day, a day set aside worldwide to celebrate the giant strides and great achievements carried out by those with one impairment or the other. The day has always been celebrated on the 3rd of December every year, and the Nnamdi Azikiwe University center for disability and special research CENDASNER, was not left out as the day was celebrated with lectures  given by different professors who are also impaired visually  CENDASNER, a center propelled by the philosophy that education and knowledge  should be disseminated to all irrespective of being gifted, physically fit or impaired, hosted the event and had in attendance many dignitaries including the vice chancellor of Nnamdi Azikiwe University and the emissaries from AFREXIM bank in Cairo who awarded the students with disabilities with bursary award of fifty thousand Naira to all registered physically challenged students of the center . A new sienna van was donated to Cendasner by AFREXIM Bank Cairo.

With their motto being ability in disability, this was proven true as there were great presentations by school of the deaf and the attendees were kept on their toes by Mc chuks a visually impaired who amazingly happens to be a staff of CENDASNER and there was live music by different physically impaired individuals.  In all it is fit to say that the physically challenged despite all their day to day struggles are making impact in the lives of others.

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